This site is a collection of tidbits from mostly the c of the cnpbagwell pair (Chris Bagwell, that is). In case you came here by way of name, here is a short bio to see if you got the right person. I live in a suburb of Dallas, Texas called Frisco and work as a programmer in the field of telecommunications (fiber optic communication stuff). I grew up 300 miles west of the DFW (Dallas-Forth Worth) area in Midland, Texas but moved to Dallas to graduate from the University of North Texas.

I've enjoy contributing to lots of free software projects, some of which are hosted on this site. Two of the more popular projects are SoX and the Audio File Format FAQ.

Also on this site you will find notes I've taken while working on various projects.  I'm also experimenting with a blog to see if I prefer recording these notes in that format better.

You can contact me at chris at cnpbagwell dot com.